• March 8, 2021
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When you start researching Peru and especially Cusco, many blogs warn of something that can terrify tourists: altitude sickness. Although it is true that altitude sickness can affect anyone, there are ways to avoid it. So that your stay in Peru is totally pleasant and you do not have any inconvenience, here we will talk about altitude sickness and its treatment.

The altitude sickness or also known as Soroche, is caused by hypoxia or lack of oxygen in the body due to the high atmospheric pressure that characterizes places with higher elevation above sea level. It occurs mainly in people who do not frequent or are not acclimatized to live in areas that are located at an altitude greater than 2400 meters above sea level, causing problems of adaptation of the body to this new experience, causing discomfort during travel time.


Dizziness: Because the brain is not properly oxygenated properly, dizziness is very likely to occur.

Headache: Another symptom caused by Hypoxia is constant headache (in some cases mild and in others much more intense).

Fatigue and Physical Exhaustion: As with intense physical activity, the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion is constant becausethe body is working under adverse oxygenation conditions.

Agitation: The human body is very wise, that is why when it detects that there is a lower amount of oxygen, it forces the respiratory system to work much harder.

Digestive disorders: Other symptoms related to altitude sickness are digestive disorders, nausea and vomiting.

How to avoid Soroche

Acclimatize: The most advisable thing to do is to make the ascent to a higher altitude little by little, so that the body can acclimatize to the new altitude.

Avoid consuming heavy foods: Before starting your trip, you should avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest. It is better to maintain a soft diet so as not to add an additional effort to your organism.

Take coca leaves, coca tea or pills for soroche: before feeling the symptoms of soroche you can prevent onset by taking coca leaves or coca tea (you will find them in any store, bar or lodging in Cusco). In addition, you can also go to any pharmacy in the city and buy pills for soroche.

Drink plenty of water: The altitude also causes the air to be drier and, consequently, our body needs more water to stay hydrated. Therefore,, we recommend that you carry a bottle of water in your backpack and drink constantly, even if you are not thirsty.

Oxygen tubes: You can find them in hotels or in some pharmacies. These oxygen tubes allow you to breathe as if you were at a height of 100 meters above sea level.

You should know that most people who arrive in Cusco do not have any problems and are not affected by altitude sickness, however, it is good to be prepared and avoid any type of complication during the trip.

Now that you know how to fight altitude sickness, take the adventure of getting to know Peru and Cusco.

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