• March 8, 2021
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Peru was chosen, for the eighth consecutive year, as the best culinary destination in the world, at the gala ceremony of the World Travel Awards 2019 (WTA), considered “the Oscars of Tourism”, which took place in Muscat, capital of Oman, in Asia.

Peruvian gastronomy is gaining more and more recognition worldwide, which is why thousands of tourists travel to Peru in order to experience Peruvian gastronomy.

What is the success of Peruvian food?

The success of Peruvian food lies in its variety, originality of flavors and colorful dishes. Its unique flavor is the result of a fusion of cultures, the history of Peruvian cuisine begins with pre-Inca and Inca, having as main ingredients corn, potatoes and a variety of spices.  Then, with the arrival of the Spanish, the use of lamb, chicken and pork was introduced. Later, Peruvian food was influenced by the Arabs, Japanese and Italians. With this immense confluence of cultures and the introduction of new ingredients to Peru, Peruvian Andean cuisine was revolutionized. At present, Peru has almost 500 typical dishes.

The emblems of Peruvian gastronomy

Ceviche: Made with chunks of fish, lime juice, red onion, chili bell pepper and salt, it is one of the most attractive claims of Peruvian cuisine. It is also made with shellfish and seaweed. It was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Peruvian Government.

Causa limeña: Layers of mashed potatoes with lemon and yellow chili pepper, stuffed with poultry, seafood or avocado and tomato.

Chaufa rice: It is the star dish of the China-Peru fusion. It is rice cooked with pieces of chicken and pork, Chinese onion and soy sauce.

Grilled chicken: Two Swiss settlers in Peru invented and registered in 1950 the patent for the machine to cook this chicken.

Pisco: It is the national drink and, like ceviche, Cultural Heritage of Peru. This liquor, made from grapes, offers four types: pure, green must, acholado and aromatic. The best known cocktail is the pisco sour, made with pisco and lime.

Peruvian restaurants among the best

There are eleven Peruvian restaurants on the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America. Two of them, Central and Maido, appear on the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

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